The first and only law school admissions book written especially for African Americans is here!

The African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide: Things You Really Need to Know Before Applying to Law School provides comprehensive and detailed information on the admissions application, grade point average, the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), personal statements and essays, interviews, supplemental materials, recommendations, financial aid and money
matters, and choosing a law school.

Evangeline M. Mitchell,

Esq., Ed.M.


Founder, The Nation Black Pre-Law

Conference and Law Fair

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    In addition, this book features special sections including:

  • Do You Really Want to Go to Law School?
  • Affirmative Action
  • About Law School and Beyond
  • Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Application and Make Yourself
    an Attractive Admissions Candidate
  • Your Admissions Decision
  • Special Admissions Programs
  • Alternative Legal Education Options
  • Networking
  • Recommended Readings and Viewing, and
  • Truths and Motivational Notes.


The Book


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A useful “straight out” outline is provided in the beginning of the book which gives you all of the basic advice given throughout the book in a limited number of pages.

PLUS an extensive appendix with pre-law resources, the ABCs to Law School Acceptance, law school listing and Strategize! Pre-Law School Strategy Planner! (which includes: “create your ‘ideal’ resume”, a “create a strategic plan for law school admission” chart, LSAT Strategy study plan sheets, the LSAT practice test-score tracker, and an essay/personal statement planner). In addition, there are sample letters, a steps to admission checklist, an admissions timetable, a law school admissions budget, guidelines for recommenders, an essay/personal statement checklist, an application process organizer/checklist, special profiles of historically Black law schools, a choosing a law school checklist and a listing of Black law firsts. No other law school admissions guide provides all of this!!!!